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Mascot Wedding’s The Joy of Painting Wins!

Bob Ross vs Prussian Blue + Henchmen
The Joy of Painting wins First Place

I’m very pleased to announce that The Joy of Painting, Mascot Wedding’s entry into the Alamo Drafthouse’s “Pimp My Television” Filmmaking Frenzy took home first place last Wednesday night at the best-of screening.

Thanks to everyone who got us into the finals by voting online for us. Thanks to Ben Bartley for the support and for lending us equipment. Thanks to Troy and DadLabs for letting us use their studio. Thanks to Owen Egerton for chaperoning us and for taking a paintbrush through the hand. Thanks to Bronwyn, Becky, Sam, Ben, and Thad for helping us with the paint-off scene. Thanks to Amanda and George for their acting work and hotel antics.

Special thanks to Doug Hanshaw (Mascot Wedding East) for his awesome sound editing.

Congratulations to the troops on the ground, teammates Ximena, Dave, Long, and David. Getting to work with you guys is the real prize. For realzies.

Extra special thanks to the legend himself, Bob Ross, filling the afterlife with the happiest of trees.

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