MWS 244: 2K12 Wrap-up!

Episode 244: Joe Parsons and Katie Sicking join Mac and David for a look back at some of their favorite stuff of 2K12. Mainly movies. It wasn’t supposed to be all movies, but it sort of happened. You’ll just have to ask us in person about the other stuff we were gonna talk about.

Original air date 12/29/12

Opener: “On the Radio” by Mind Spiders, from the album Meltdown
“Baby Get Worse” by the Divine Fits, from the album A Thing Called Divine Fits
Closer: “Pity” by Royal Headache, from their self-titled album

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MWS Episode 213 – Katie Sicking and Janice Blake

Katie Sicking :: photo by Lance Gilstrap
Katie Sicking :: photo by Lance Gilstrap

Episode 213: Comedian and show-friend Katie Sicking is leaving Austin, so we demanded she come talk to us about Hello Kitty fan fiction, calming down, rude sandwich makers, lasers, G.I. Joe, and more. Plus, Mac’s mom Janice Blake stops by and totally embrasses him. Also, open letter to Mac: the second song you played was by the band “Dive”. Not “Drive”. You band name dunce.
Original air date 04/14/12.

Opener: “How Long Must I Wait” by Dr. Dog, from the album Be the Void
“How Long Have You Known?” by Dive, from the album Oshin
Closer: “I Go Away” by MNDR, from the E.P.E. EP

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 01/07/12

Not pictured: Mac. Seriously? No one else was around to take the photo?

Episode 200: Oh em eff gee it’s our 200th show. To celebrate we invited some listeners to unite and form a live studio audience, including Katie Sicking, Andrew Rosas, Tre Fuentes, Courtney Sevener, Nathan the world’s nicest caller, and more. And what did we do with all this excitement and attention? Squandered it talking about dumb stuff. Talk of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, flies on food, a dumb TV show, and a future prediction segment which bombs big time. Thanks for 200, dudes!

“Couldn’t I Just Tell You” by Todd Rundgren, from the album Something/Anything?
Closer: “In the New Year” by The Walkmen, from the album You & Me

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