The Hustle Show Episode 10: Malibu Nights

Once a month, we Hustlin'
Another festival. A presidential election. Flu season. Your dad keeps calling. Seriously, can’t a dude or a dudette just chill the fuck out for an hour? All we wanna do is go out, maybe drink, maybe don’t, and just get fucked up on laughter. We heard you loud and clear, dummies. THE HUSTLE SHOW, Mascot Weddings’s hit monthly comedy variety show returns to ColdTowne Theater this Thursday. We’ll have stand-up from RYAN COWNIE, sketches from the Hustle Show crew, and some assorted mayhem. Expect:
-Sexual allowances
-Cool weddings
-Erogenous zones
-Childhood mistakes

Please bro, you must kick it. This Thursday 10PM at ColdTowne Theater. BYOB and only $5. Sometimes shows sell out, sometimes they don’t. Advance tickets ensure entry.

Starring Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whitaker, Scott Raney, Curtis Luciani, Tre Fuentes, Sam Malcolm, Ximena Estrada, and the return of Ashley Franks.
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara.