Your December Mascot Wedding Live Events

Hey everybody, here are your chances to see members of Mascot Wedding live in December so you can steal a lock of our hair for cloning purposes (yes, just like in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace).

++ Wednesday, Dec 1: Master Pancake Theater: Lord of the Rings. A benefit for KOOP radio! David and myself will be making fun of The Fellowship of the Ring alongside John Erler and Joe Parsons. All proceeds are going to our beloved KOOP Radio. Buy tickets he- wait, what? It’s already sold out? Then why mention it, unless I’m just a braggart? Ohhhhhh. 10 PM @ Alamo Ritz Downtown.

++Dec 3+4: Jonathan Pace w/ Chad Warren and Mac Blake. Come see me do some stand-up at the Velveeta Room. Jonathan Pace is your headliner, Chad Warren features, and I’ll be doing jokes right at the beginning while you’re getting your drink. Two shows each night, 9:30 and 11:30. Tix are $5 at the door.

++Dec 13: Hot Property @ the Monday Night Mash. December 13 is the birthday of Nick Ramirez from Midnight Society. So it’s a Nick-centric night of comedy at Coldtowne Theater. Lucky for us, David and myself get to work with the talented Mr. Ramirez and his partner Lance Gilstrap in the sketch-prov group Hot Property. 8:30 PM @ Coldtowne Theater w/ Midnight Society and Gang Bang. FREE show.

++Dec 18: Stag Comedy @ Salvage Vanguard Theater. Did you miss Stag Comedy’s last sold-out performance at the Alamo Ritz? I’m super mad at you but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s because you were waiting to see us in a more intimate setting. Now’s your chance as Stag Comedy will be doing an encore performance of Episode 3 at SVT @ 5 PM. Tickets aren’t available yet, but when they are, expect a post here, on our Facebook page, and also probably on David’s twitter. The dude tweets.