Announcing The Hustle Show

Do the something!
“Why are the podcasts so backed up?” I know, I’m a monster. My problem with time management exists because I have a hard time saying no to fun projects. When Josh Krilov, the artistic director at ColdTowne Theater, offered Mascot Wedding a monthly live show to do whatever we wanted with, I had the hardest of times sayign no to that. You might say impossibly hard, because we said yes in a heartbeat. Maybe two or three. I’m not the fastest typist. For example, I started this paragraph three hours ago.
Guys, I’m super excited to tell you about The Hustle Show. The Hustle Show is a modern variety show, featuring sketch, stand-up, music, games, and more. Our pilot episode is this Thursday. If people like it, it will continue the second Thursday of every month. What have we got for you?
Stand-up from Kath Barbadoro!
A sketch from Hot Property!
A musical appearance from David Lee Hess and Cody Dearing!
An interview with a failed TV talk show host!
A performance by the Austin Police Department Drama Club!
A Christmas Carol featuring Andrew Rosas from Ghostward!
And mucho mas!
It’s going to be a great show. We have a murderer’s row of Austin comedy types in our cast. Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whitaker. Hosted by David Jara and myself. All for the no excuses price of $5. Hope to see you there.
10PM Thursday, Dec 8 @ ColdTowne Theater $5 BYOB. Tix here.