MWS Episode 231A: Live Podcast from Out of Bounds with Aphasia

from Aphasia
Jeannie Cahill, Brett Lyons, and Jeff Griggs from Aphasia

Episode 231A: Sorry for the delay. At the same time David was recording the last (posted) episode at the KOOP studios, Mac was recording a live Out of Bounds edition MWS podcast at ColdTowne Theater. Here is that bizarro, “earth 2” Episode 231, or – based on common alternate reality naming conventions – Episode 213A. Mac and special guest co-host Lance Gilstrap welcome Jeff Griggs, Jeannie Cahill, and Brett Lyons from the awesome improv group Aphasia. Cruise ship stories, Mothman Prophecies, Mac’s rent-a-cop days, and more.

Original recorded 09/01/12.

Outro: “Ruin” by Cat Power, from the album Sun

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