Unnecessary Sequels and a few opening words

As you can tell, our website is still in its infant stages. For the moment, mascotwedding.com is little more than what you see right now. We’ll try to post a couple of updates in the next few weeks and maybe add a link or two, but we can’t make any promises as far as the immediate future. Over the next few months our hope is to vastly improve the look and feel of this site, populate it with content, and make this site one that you can visit on a regular basis to meet your Recommended Daily Allowance of comedy and entertainment.

In the meantime, you’re probably here because you saw our entry in the Alamo Drafthouse Unnecessary Sequel contest. The good news is that we just received word that our entry has made it into the final round of 13. The bad news is that the competition looks pretty good. The even better news is that I slept with one the judges. Actually, I don’t think she was a real judge. Maybe we won’t be winners according to the Drafthouse, but if I ever have to go in front of the Federal Court of Appeals, ho boy, is that gonna be sweet.

Here is our Unnecessary Sequel to MementoMemen2!