Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake mock Lord of the Rings – 2 weekends left!

Mac and David have joined forces with Master Pancake Theater to present a thorough and severe mocking of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. If you hate the LOTR trilogy, come watch David squeal with girlish delight as he eviscerates one of the movies on his own personal Enemies List. If you love the LOTR trilogy, come on down and have your mind blown by how much better the movie is by removing half of it and putting jokes over the “action.” Plus, there’s a bitchin’ skit by the MP/MW crew, and a special video presentation featuring some familiar Mascot Wedding faces. This can’t lose! It shan’t lose!

This show will only be around for two more weekends before it’s gone forever, so get your tickets now at the Alamo Drafthouse website.