MWS 299: No Escape (Live at ColdTowne Theater)

Episode 299: Our second to last episode, recorded live at the the friendly confines of ColdTowne Theater. Joe Hafkey joins on stage, plus visits from a sick child, a super fan, the show’s mailman, and even David from the future. Super fun show!

Thanks to: Everyone who came out! Dustin Svehlak for recording it. Ryan Darbonne for working the tech booth. Cody Dearing for the use of the theater. Kath Barbadoro for the photo. Special guests Ximena Estrada, Lance Gilstrap, Michael Jastroch, Carlos LaRotta, and Aaron Brooks (seen below).

Photo by Joe Hafkey
Photo by Joe Hafkey

MWS 269: Ryan Cownie and Antoine Delafield

Episode 269: Ryan Cownie is in the studio, malt liquor in hand. Attorney Antoine Delafield stops by. Plus: Paul Bearer, shiv talk, Mac can see the future, and drinkable energy.

MWS Episode 201 – Lance Gilstrap and Antoine Delafield

Lance Gilstrap and the Sogmaster. That's a helluva show.
Lance Gilstrap and the Sogmaster. That's a helluva show.

Episode 201: Comedian Lance Gilstrap joins Mac and David to drop some knowledge about Kaboom cereal and cologne. Some celebrity stories, cereal movies, and a conversation with country lawyer Antoine Delafield.
Original air date 01/14/12.

Opener: “Portland” by Coasting, from the album You’re Never Going Back
“Wake and Be Fine” by Okkervil River, from the album I am Very Far
Closer: “Always on My Mind” by Phantom Planet, from the album Guest

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