MWS 281: John Buseman and Father Cliff

Mascot Wedding Show with John Buseman
Episode 281: Comedian John Buseman joins us in-studio. Talk of hangovers, The Drunk Detective, local meats, fights, and more. Plus Father Cliff Papageorgio stops by with a script excerpt of his movie Sin Night.

MWS 275: Ximena Estrada

Ximena Estrada
Episode 275: Ximena Estrada (STAG Comedy, Precious Dads) is our guest, David falls asleep mid-sentence, the debut of “Night Boners”, plus a woman joins us to talk about her experience on Bar Rescue.

MWS 269: Ryan Cownie and Antoine Delafield

Episode 269: Ryan Cownie is in the studio, malt liquor in hand. Attorney Antoine Delafield stops by. Plus: Paul Bearer, shiv talk, Mac can see the future, and drinkable energy.