Solid Gold Hustle – The Best of the Best of the Hustle Show!

Have you seen The Hustle Show yet? That hilarious hit variety show we perform every month at Coldtowne Theater? If you haven’t, chances are it’s because:
a) It’s on a school night and you can’t make it.
b) You’ve tried to go but it’s been sold out every time.
c) You’ve never even heard of The Hustle Show.

Well, good news! Every Saturday in July, we’re presenting SOLID GOLD HUSTLE: THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE HUSTLE SHOW. Just like the name says, we’re taking some of our favorite bits and presenting them in this greatest hits collection of comedy. But what exactly will you get with SOLID GOLD HUSTLE? You’ll get:
Distracted detectives!
Party wizards!
Lady business!
And more!

All this can be yours Saturdays in July (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th), 8:30pm at Coldtowne Theater (4803 Airport Blvd.). Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here or at the door. Yeah, we missed telling you about the first two. Don’t worry thought, they were great shows. It’s gonna be better than great – it’s gonna be SOLID.

Hustle Up 2 with John Ramsey!

The Hustle Up returns! The cast of The Hustle Show gets behind the mic for some stand-up comedy 10PM tonight at ColdTowne Theater. Some Hustle Show cast members have hundreds of sets under their belts, others are just starting out, and some have NEVER done it. Sounds like it could be a train wreck, huh? Let me tell you, the last Hustle Up might have been my favorite show that I’ve ever been a part of.

This time we’re raising the stakes with a headlining set from the amazing John Ramsey (Conan, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, FPiA Winner) and special guest spots from Master Pancake Theater’s John Erler and ColdTowne’s Michael Jastroch
Featuring David McQuary, David Jara, Curtis Luciani, Courtney Sevener, Scott Raney, Tre Fuentes and maybe a surprise.


The Hustle Show – Austin Sketch Fest Edition!

Austin Sketch Fest is here! Who’s that starting of the whole thing? Yep, it’s The Hustle Show, the hit monthly comedy variety show returns to ColdTowne Theater for a special best-of Sketch Fest edition. Before you roll your eyes and say, “I’ve seen it all before” – shut up, there will be some new stuff too. Plus, right after us up and coming sketch group There’s Waldo takes the stage. So what ASSORTED MAYHEM can you expect tonight? (Cool it with the questions. You’re makin’ me nervous.)

Lesson learning!
A cast member’s televised past!
Time travel!
Prank phone calls gone awry!
Snow cones explored!
Actual dumb stuff from the internet!
And more!

Hosted by Curtis Luciani and Michael Pedicano
Starring: Courtney Sevener, David McQuary, Jeff Whittaker, Tre Fuentes, Sam Malcolm, and Ann Potter.

To guarantee yourself a seat, pick up an advanced ticket here. BYOB.

The Hustle Show Episode “4 Your Pleasure”

Every second Thursday of the month - I'm Hustlin'

The Hustle Show returns to ColdTowne Theater tomorrow, April 12 at 10PM. That’s the good news. The bad news is that two of our cast members are leaving town, Katie Sicking and Ashley Franks. This will be their final hustle. Waaaaah! I hate it!

But we’re going to set them adrift with an awesome show. What do we got? I dunno, how about:

Stand-up from Chris Tellez!
Erotic lessons!
Special musical appearance from Meredith Newell!
Office thievery!
Congestion relief!
Unhappy royalty!
And more sketches, games and hustlin’.

As always the show is BYOB. Every show has sold out so consider getting your tickets ahead of time. And make sure to sigh here, here, and initial here. Okay, everything looks good. Enjoy your show.

Starring Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Curtis Luciani, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whitaker, Kate Bojanek and Tre Fuentes
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara.

Mascot Wedding Weekly: Hustle Show Stand-up, MWprov, and More

The MW crew is performing pretty much constantly around Austin. We haven’t been updating every time there’s a performance but this week is too good not to mention.

Tuesday: Mac Blake on Punch
Punch is Austin’s best weekly stand-up show. Hosted by the hilarious Matt Bearden, Punch is having its Season Finale on Tuesday headlined by John Ramsey, and featuring Mac, Kerri Lendo, Brently Heilbron, Cameron Fielder, and Joe Hafkey.
8PM Cap City Comedy Club $5
NOTE: Punch always sells out, so getting advance tickets is highly recommended.

Wednesday: Mascot Wedding Improv
The MWprov team of Mac, David Jara, and Ximena Estrada take the stage for some high-energy, low-morals improv.
10PM ColdTowne Theater, “Pay what you want” BYOB.

Thursday: Hustle Up: The Hustle Show Stand-up Showcase
The cast of MW’s hit production, The Hustle Show, picks up the mic. Some of the cast are working comedians, others are borderline rookies, and still others when approached with the idea, immediately tried to flee the country. It’s gonna be a great show. Headlined by the hilarious David McQuary, hosted by Mac, and featuring David Jara, Katie Sicking, Curtis Luciani, Ashley Franks, Courtney Sevener, Scott Raney, and a special appearance by Nick Ramirez.
10PM ColdTowne Theater $5 BYOB
Tickets here

And, as always, catch up on, friend, or follow Stag for some sketch comedy action. This week there will be some new show updates. Plus, two more podcasts this week as we continue playing catch up. It looks like next month we will finally reach the point where every Monday you’ll get the previous Saturday’s show. Thrizzling!

Also, does Splitsider recommend you not miss a Stag show and that you add the Mascot Wedding Show on iTunes? Yes it does, dummy. (It’s there somewhere)

The Hustle Show Episode 2

Every second Thursday of the month - I'm Hustlin'

The Hustle Show is making its monthly stop tomorrow, February 9 at ColdTowne Theater. Austin’s funniest comedy variety show returns for Episode 2, fool! That’s right, I called you fool and slapped your face with my glove, now let’s duel for land!

So, what is Episode 2 bringing to the table?
Stand-up from Seth Cockfield!
A special presentation from Kerri Lendo!
Some Valentine’s Day talk from Hot Property‘s Lance Gilstrap
Fake celebrity appearances!
Music appreciation with Curtis Luciani!
Y Mas!

10PM this Thursday and the second Thursday of every month. ColdTowne Theater. $5 BYOB. Both our pilot episode and episode 1 have sold out, so buy advance tickets here to guarantee entry. Show run time estimated at 75 minutes, more or less.

Starring Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Curtis Luciani, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whitaker.
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara.

Seth Cockfield

Sleep Study by Kerri Lendo and John Merriman

Sleep Study – watch more funny videos

The Hustle Show Episode 1 Tonight!

Do the something!

The pilot episode of The Hustle Show was a rousing success! People, got roused, y’all. ColdTowne Theater has made our modern comedy variety show a permanent part of their schedule. We’ll be the second Thursday in every month and looking at my MDC (Mayan doomsday calendar) that means we return TONIGHT!

So, what does episode 1 have for YOU?
Stand-up from Ramin Nazer!
Special musical appearance by John Ratliff!
An interview with a dude who was on Friday Night Lights (our own Jeffy!)
A video!
Time travel!
Dumb car enthusiasts!
And more.

We’ve also added Curtis Luciani from Your Terrific Neighbors to the cast. How awesome is that?

10PM Tonight. ColdTowne Theater. $5 BYOB. We sold out last time, so buy advance tickets here to guarantee entry. Show run time estimated at 75 minutes, more or less.

Starring Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Curtis Luciani, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whtaker.
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara

Announcing The Hustle Show

Do the something!
“Why are the podcasts so backed up?” I know, I’m a monster. My problem with time management exists because I have a hard time saying no to fun projects. When Josh Krilov, the artistic director at ColdTowne Theater, offered Mascot Wedding a monthly live show to do whatever we wanted with, I had the hardest of times sayign no to that. You might say impossibly hard, because we said yes in a heartbeat. Maybe two or three. I’m not the fastest typist. For example, I started this paragraph three hours ago.
Guys, I’m super excited to tell you about The Hustle Show. The Hustle Show is a modern variety show, featuring sketch, stand-up, music, games, and more. Our pilot episode is this Thursday. If people like it, it will continue the second Thursday of every month. What have we got for you?
Stand-up from Kath Barbadoro!
A sketch from Hot Property!
A musical appearance from David Lee Hess and Cody Dearing!
An interview with a failed TV talk show host!
A performance by the Austin Police Department Drama Club!
A Christmas Carol featuring Andrew Rosas from Ghostward!
And mucho mas!
It’s going to be a great show. We have a murderer’s row of Austin comedy types in our cast. Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whitaker. Hosted by David Jara and myself. All for the no excuses price of $5. Hope to see you there.
10PM Thursday, Dec 8 @ ColdTowne Theater $5 BYOB. Tix here.